Invention Marketing Companies

Invention Marketing Firms

How to not get ripped off by a dodgy invention marketing firm.

Invention marketing companies offer to market your idea for you. They often claim to have manufacturing partners lined up to sign a deal with you and promise the earth. However in the past there have been several companies who have had lawsuits filed against them and have been convicted of ripping inventors off. Some have even been shut down.

Firstly before using any company to market your idea think hard about doing it yourself. Most people are more than capable of writing letters to companies asking to have the opportunity to show them their new idea. The inventor is often best placed to promote the idea as they fully understand it and are often very passionate about its benefits.

Secondly always check out any invention marketing company before signing anything or paying them any money. Do a thorough internet search for any bad press and ideally, if you are a UK inventor, use a UK firm who you can go and visit and check out with companies house that they are a valid registered company. This website has further details of suspect firms: Inventor Ed: Invention Marketing Companies (Patent My Idea are not responsible for the content of external websites.)

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