Top Ten Tips for Inventors

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How to get your idea to market - top tips on how to profit from your idea.
  • 1. Do an originality search to check the idea hasn't been protected already. Don't do this and you could just be wasting time and money. Worldwide Patent Search
  • 2. Use a product designer to ensure you have a viable looking product presented in a professional way to show to industry and investors. A back of an envelope rough sketch will not impress! Product Design
  • 3. If the idea is best demonstrated or if you need to prove it will work then ensure you have a working prototype. Prototyping
  • 4. Before presenting your idea get some protection for your idea - file a patent application, register your design, trademark your product name or all three. Protecting your IP
  • 5. Don't tell other people about your idea until you have intellectual property protection in place.
  • 6. Be persistant with marketing your idea to companies. If you get knocked back a few times keep going. James Dyson got knocked back by the main vacuum cleaner manufacturers but is now a billionaire!
  • 7. Know when to use professional advice. Patent Attorneys can appear expensive but sometimes they can be invaluable. Know when you have reached the limit of your expertise and you need to pay a professional. Using a Patent Attorney
  • 8. Patenting can get very expensive after 12 months. Try to do as much as you can before filing your application and then try to sell your idea on before that initial grace period of 12 months is up.
  • 9. Be wary of people offering to market your idea for you. There are companies out there who rip people off for thousands of pounds by offering to market the idea for them. Research these companies heavily before you use one and make sure they tell you axactly what they will do for you in writing before you pay them any money. In most case the inventor is the best person to market their idea as they have the enthusiasm for the idea. Invention Marketing Companies
  • 10. Go for it! Taking an idea to market can be frustrating and expensive at times but remain positive and keep going and the rewards in the long run could be very large indeed!

Product Design
The importantance of professional product design
Having a professional develop your idea can make all the difference when you present your idea to a company or investor. It is definately worth spending a relatively small amount now to improve your chances of success.
How to get a prototype of your idea
A prototype can be a very valuable tool in selling your idea to industry or gaining investment to set up a business to produce your idea. It can also help assess the costs for a business plan.

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